she’s graduating!

lettering Well, it may not feel like spring outside. (See our Winter Wonderland from this morning.)

winter wonderland

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But it’s almost all melted now and hopefully we are done with snow or at least these crazy April Snowstorms. We are almost to May, which means, that although it may not feel like it, the end of the school year is near. And with that comes graduations. This lady’s graduation in particular. I love her name-  ‘Abigail’ has so many swirls and fun letters. Perfect excuse to work on my lettering, no??? After much sketching, (and sketching) I scanned them into the computer and then cleaned them up in Illustrator. She’s big on coral and it was fun to add a bright blue to create a super colorful and bright announcement.
Enjoy these last few weeks of high school, girly.

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