Our Naumann Home

Who doesn’t love a good before and after?? It’s crazy for us to even look back on these and remember what the house looked like before. I fell in love with this house because of all the windows and how much light comes in during the day. Looking back at the before pictures it just seemed so dark with three separate areas, kitchen, dining and living. One really important thing for me was having an open floor plan so that I could see the kids wherever they are without having to go into another room and by taking out one wall and opening up the kitchen, it’s a completely different house! Joe put this whole kitchen together for me, he’s seriously the best. And figured out a way to make every single one of my crazy ideas work. There’s a few more things that need to be done, but after going almost three months without a kitchen, I’m just beyond thankful to have such a beautiful space- if not to cook in- at least to take pictures in! :) Scroll down to see more before (during) and after pictures.

These shelves are probably my favorite thing in the house. Joe used leftover butcher block from the countertops to make them and they look amazing! We really turned a blind eye to all the outlets that need covers. :) One of these days we may get around to putting the backsplash up. But certain things, like moving the laundry upstairs, rank much higher in my book!

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